Police Operation Citadel achieving “pleasing results”

By Liz Mellino

With only one more month of Shepparton's TAC-funded police traffic operation remaining, police have confirmed the additional enforcement has achieved "pleasing results".

Operation Citadel kicked off on October 1 last year, with police members volunteering to work on their days off to target speeding vehicles on rural roads within Greater Shepparton.

Since the beginning of the operation police have conducted 20 preliminary oral fluid tests across Greater Shepparton resulting in six people being charged with drug driving offences.

During this time police have also conducted 314 preliminary breath tests resulting in two people charged with drink driving offences.

Operation Citadel has also detected 82 speeding offences, three disqualified or unlicensed drivers, and eight unregistered vehicles.

Police confirmed three vehicles had been impounded during the operation, including one detected travelling 153 km/h in a 110 km/h zone on Goulburn Valley Hwy near Arcadia on January 7.

The driver will be charged on summons for exceeding the speed limit, exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol and using an unregistered vehicle.

The operation has seen an additional 400 hours of visible police traffic enforcement in Greater Shepparton.

With a positive result so far, Shepparton police are urging motorists to drive responsibly and play their part in achieving the goal of zero deaths on our roads.

Operation Citadel will run until the end of February.