Shepparton Salvos forced to send donations to landfill

By Spencer Fowler Steen

The Salvation Army is urging members of the public not to dump donations on the kerb outside its Shepparton store, as staff prepare to take a huge load of rain-spoiled items to the tip.

More than 50 m of sodden ‘donations’ were piled up on the footpath outside Shepparton Salvos Store on the corner of Rowe St and St Georges Rd on Tuesday.

Blatant disregard: Donations and rubbish left right next to a sign asking people not to leave anything at Salvos outside of opening hours.

Salvos customer experience manager Aife O'Loughlin said most people were genuine donors, not people looking to dump and dash.

“In this weather, donations that were left in good faith, are now unusable,” she said.

“It is disheartening in the morning when the team gets there, as they have to clean it up.”

However, a large amount of household waste was left alongside donations, which the Salvos cannot deal with.

Dumping ground: People are leaving their pre-loved, or not-so-loved items at Salvos, perhaps in a bid to avoid paying fees at the tip.

Waste and donations being left outside Shepparton Salvos Store has been an ongoing problem, and Greater Shepparton City Council is working with Salvos to ensure it stops.

Ms O'Loughlin said people should donate within opening hours, or call Salvos on 137 258 to have them do a home collection free of charge.