Shepparton student develops studying app during gap year

By Ilias Bakalla

While most 20-year-olds are gallivanting around Europe on their gap year, Shepparton's Gavin Douch has been developing his second study assistance app StudyStreaks from his bedroom.

The app, released today, helps students develop a weekly study timetable based on which subjects they prioritise; it then breaks down their study time into 25 minute intervals with a five minute break.

Mr Douch said the app "keeps track of the study streaks".

“You could be on a 20-week streak but the number will go down to zero if you stop,” Mr Douch said.

“It is designed to help students maintain their study streak.

“Apps like Duolingo have similar functions except they do it on a day-by-day basis, but I think it's better to do it on a weekly basis because if something happens on a day you can simply pick up the slack the next day.”

To monetise his efforts, Mr Douch has developed a premium version where users can adjust the theme and extend the maximum amount of subjects.

StudyStreaks app logo.

“But it still functions perfectly well for free,” Mr Douch said.

Mr Douch's first app, Recall, has been downloaded close to 1900 times.

He said developing an app was "much easier" the second time round.

“It is less buggy, really smooth and quick,” Mr Douch said.

“I made a lot of UI (user interface) improvements to make it easier for people to jump in first time and use it."

Mr Douch is living in Melbourne now where he will be starting a degree in computer science at Monash University in March.

“I hope to learn practical skills for my app business and I plan to continue making apps during university and after university as well,” Mr Douch said.

To download it the app visit