Shepparton man bailed after several breaches

By Ashlea Witoslawski

A Shepparton man will now spend Christmas with his young son and pregnant wife after pleading guilty to bail charges at Shepparton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Facing several serious assault-related charges from April this year, Khale Scott, 29, was arrested on May 6 after a search warrant executed at his Shepparton property also revealed several weapons and accessories.

After being granted bail for his charges in late May, Scott appeared in front of the court on November 29 to discuss his bail restrictions.

Shepparton police Detective Senior Constable Lance Wiltshire, who was asked to speak about the accused’s charges by police prosecutor Sergeant Les Oroszvary, said Scott’s curfew was shortened to accommodate his later work hours at a local fish and chip shop.

Det Sen Const Wiltshire told the court the accused was seen later that same evening at two licensed establishments in Shepparton, past his curfew hours.

On December 11, the accused failed to report at Shepparton Police Station as part of his bail requirements and was arrested at his Shepparton home.

Sgt Oroszvary and Det Sen Const Wiltshire both expressed their concerns about the lack of regard the accused showed for his bail conditions, suggesting he now remain in custody until his hearing in January.

Defence lawyer Megan McKenna asked the court to consider Scott’s otherwise good compliance record over the 205 days he had been on out on bail.

She also said the accused was currently supporting his partner who was dealing with the complications of a high-risk pregnancy.

“Without his support that’s obviously going to put a huge load on his partner,” Ms McKenna said.

Sgt Oroszvary said Scott had already been given many opportunities by the court to comply with the rules.

“He was given the opportunity to vary his bail and the very same night he’s out at licensed premises,” he said.

“When you enter an agreement with the court that means 100 per cent compliance.”

Sgt Oroszvary also stated he did not believe Scott’s circumstances were exceptional enough to grant bail.

“Those circumstances are called life and are what people go through with pregnancy,” he said.

“The accused has effectively snubbed his nose at the court.”

Magistrate Stella Stuthridge agreed the circumstances were not exceptional, highlighting the lack of support shown for his partner the night he breached his bail conditions.

“You’re an adult man with responsibilities so you don’t get a night off,” Ms Stuthridge said.

“I don’t know if you’ve got your head around how strict the bail laws are.

“You’ve been coming to court for many years now and the law has changed.”

Ms Stuthridge granted bail once the accused plead guilty to the breach charges.

She also issued a $600 fine for the charges.

Scott will appear at Shepparton Magistrates’ Court for a committal hearing on January 9 before he his charges will be heard in the County Court.

“Your worst-case scenario is that you’re going to have a plea on very serious charges,” Ms Stuthridge said.

“You want to be able to tell the court you have been 100 per cent compliant with your bail requirements.”