Shepparton woman breaks foot on car park step

By Ashlea Witoslawski

An unexpected fall at Shepparton’s multi-deck car park in Stewart St has left a local woman in serious physical and financial pain.

On November 21, 74-year-old Shiela Irvine and her husband, David, made their way down the car park stairs, as the lift was out of order.

When they came to the bottom of the stairwell, heading towards the cinema, Mrs Irvine missed the small, brown, tiled step, causing her to fall hard onto the concrete path.

“I tripped and fell very heavy on my right shoulder,” Mrs Irvine said.

“When my husband helped me up along with another person who was passing by, I discovered my left foot was very sore and had started to swell.”

Taken to Goulburn Valley Health by her husband, Mrs Irvine had X-rays that showed two factures in her left foot, coupled with bad bruising slowly appearing along her right shoulder and arm.

“The brown tiles on the step and the footpath look the same so it looked like one level,” Mrs Irvine said.

Now stuck in a medical walking boot for six to eight weeks, Mrs Irvine has been unable to continue work in house cleaning and childcare and has also had to change upcoming overseas flights due to future medical appointments.

Mr and Mrs Irvine reported the incident to multi-deck car park owner Care Park but have struggled to get answers.

“We have called a number of times and sent many emails, but we’ve had no response but have been passed on to a public liability company,” Mr Irvine said.

A Care Park spokesperson said customer service was a priority for their organisation, stating the incident was actioned in less than a week and now sits with their claims agent.

“All communication is now between the claims agent and Shiela Irvine,” the spokesperson said.

Seeking compensation for her loss of income and injury expenses, Mrs Irvine emphasised the importance of Care Park installing warning signs and a hazard strip along the step to prevent future accidents.

“I went back and had a look but there is nothing there at the moment,” Mrs Irvine said.

“I just want the public to be aware, so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Care Park said they were looking into the issue and taking action to fix the step.

“We are very sorry to hear of the injury Shiela Irvine suffered and trust she will recover fully,” a spokesperson said.

“Works have been scheduled, including installing cautionary signs and repairing the step, and it is expected these will be completed shortly.”


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