Nathalia keeps hydrated

By Morgan Dyer

The summer heat is about to be a bit easier to cope with for Nathalia locals and visitors, with a new water station set to keep people's thirst at bay.

Located on Blake St opposite Brereton's Bakery, Goulburn Valley Water has teamed up with Moira Shire Council to ensure people stay hydrated while having fun outdoors.

Goulburn Valley Water's Northern District Distribution and Wastewater senior operator Jack Dobinson said he encouraged people to make use of the station, ditch single-use plastic water bottles and refill instead.

“Water has so many benefits for your health, as well as the environment and your hip pocket – one litre of bottled water can cost the same as 9000 glasses from the tap,” Mr Dobinson said.

The station features a bottle refill tap and also a bowl for for your thirsty furry friend.

The station is part of Goulburn Valley Water's ongoing commitment to providing free water through hydration stations in all of its service areas in the next five years.

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