Sikh temple opens its doors to the community

By Shepparton News

You might have seen the impressive white building or the golden dome rising out of the earth on Doyles Rd.

Or you may have passed by men in turbans and women wearing headscarves going about their business around Shepparton.

But you do not really know the Sikh community members until you have walked into their temple, listened to the values they live by and shared their food.

And that is what the members of Shepparton's Gurduara Sahib Sikh Temple are inviting the community to do on Wednesday.

Shepparton Sikhs are joining celebrations all across the world for the 550th birthday of the first guru - Guru Nanak - which runs throughout the month of November.

“It's about breaking down barriers in our community and helping others understand our customs and requirements, like wearing the turbans,” organiser Kamaldeep Singh said.

“You'll get to hear the story of the Sikh faith, see a prayer and share a meal with us."

Mr Singh said Sikhism is largely built around values of equality, helping the poor, working hard, and standing for injustice.

Already, the Sikh temple offers community meals and lodging to whoever need it.

And with that sort of heart for hospitality, there is no doubt local Sikhs are keen to welcome as many people from the Shepparton community as possible.

You will need to dress modestly and cover your head (both men and women) with a cloth or scarf. You will also be asked to remove your footwear inside the temple.

● The open day run from 7 pm to 9 pm at Gurduara Sahib at 240 Doyles Rd, Shepparton. RSVP by Tuesday to Kamaldeep Singh on 0423 654 033 for catering purposes.