Shepparton couple still positive after theft of wedding rings and money

By Liz Mellino

A disabled man and his fiancée said they were excited to tie the knot this weekend, despite thieves stealing a safe that contained their wedding rings and just under $3,500 of their wedding fund.

Jarrod Greening and Dianne Mulley said they were still both in shock after Mr Greening’s Shepparton home had been the target of theft and an intruder over the past two months.

Despite the theft of their safe, which is valued at around $6500, the pair remain determined to tie the knot on Saturday.

“It has been a hard time … but it hasn’t broken us — we’re still getting married,” Ms Mulley said.

The safe was stolen from Mr Greening's home in the evening on September 25 when the couple had gone to Numurkah to play poker.

Ms Mulley said the following morning they realised the safe had been stolen, with the offender leaving no signs of entry into the home.

“We were really in shock, we didn’t really have any sort of emotion for the day,” Ms Mulley said.

Police attended Mr Greening's house that day, gathering CCTV footage from the property next door, which showed an unknown person wearing a beanie exiting through the side gate of the home.

Nine days later Ms Mulley said she and Mr Greening were in bed when she was woken just before 1.30am to the sound of the dogs barking in the other room.

“I heard the dogs and I rolled over — I saw a figure in the doorway just standing there for about 15 seconds,” she said.

“I think they were checking to see if I was here looking after Jarrod so they could freely rob the place because Jarrod can’t get out of bed.”

After yelling at the offender to get out, Ms Mulley said the person took off down the hallway and out the side door before she could catch up.

Mr Greening, who sustained a brain injury in a serious car accident in 2002, which left him in a wheelchair, requires a carer in his home from 8am until midnight each day.

Following the incident Ms Mulley no longer leaves Jarrod alone at night, saying she dreads the thought of someone breaking into his home.

The couple believe the offender is known to them, and they ensured the locks were changed the day after the incident.

“Even though we got the locks changed it’s still really scary ... what is changing the locks going to do? They’ll just break a window,” Ms Mulley said.

“For someone to think they could come into a disabled man’s house while he was sleeping, thinking he was alone, to rob him, is the biggest low of lows.”

The wedding ring Mr Greening was sent from Jude Ridge, a jeweler in Ohio, America.

Ms Mulley said despite the theft there had been some positives, with one coming from a kind stranger in America who offered to send Jarrod a new wedding ring.

After posting on a Facebook wedding forum about the theft, Ms Mulley said she was contacted by a jeweller from Jude Ridge in Ohio who wanted to give them a new ring.

“He didn’t advertise it, he just messaged me, and that does put your faith back in a little bit,” she said.

“Despite everything there are still things that touch your heart.”

A GoFundMe page was set up by Mr Greening’s niece to help the couple raise some of the wedding money that was lost and help them pay for a honeymoon.

The couple said they were hoping to save to go on a cruise next year, something that would put a smile back on their faces after a tough couple of months.

“It has been a hard time … but it hasn’t broke us and we’ve got that really kind gesture of someone we don’t even know — there have been some positives,” Ms Mulley said.

Police confirmed they were investigating the two incidents, which they believed to be linked. Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report at

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