Slees celebrate 70 years of marriage

By Morgan Dyer

One of Shepparton's most well known couples will today celebrate 70 years of marriage.

On this day in 1949 hundreds of guests gathered at Shepparton's Scots Uniting Church to celebrate the marriage of Myra and Murray Slee.

A chance meeting through Shepparton Football Club led the pair to say “I do” and go on to have four daughters together.

With Murray best known for his involvement in Greater Shepparton City Council for decades and heading the town as mayor for three years from 1956, the couple’s daughter Robyn Slee said her mother was always by her father’s side.

“Behind every great man is an even greater woman,” Robyn said.

“She was the woman behind the scenes while also keeping the home fire burning,” she said.

The dynamic duo was involved with dozens of groups in the community and had a great interest in promoting Shepparton as a tourist destination.

“They planned various stunts including dressing up as pears and visiting shows across Australia to promote the area,” Robyn said.

“There were a lot of meetings and social functions to go to; it was quite busy.”

The Slees owned a furniture and kitchen shop in Shepparton until they decided to follow in Murray's father's footsteps and opened a successful real estate business in Maude St.

Although they had busy work and social schedules, the Slees always had time for their children.

Their daughter Di reminisced about their family holidays along the Murray River.

“We all loved the river, we use to go swimming, skiing, fishing and then we built a shack which was shared by us and some of our family friends,” Di said.

“It was a really big treat to us, and it was where we spent a lot of time as a family.

“We all remember that so fondly, they were just fantastic times,” she said.

Murray and Myra Slee celebrate 70 years of marriage today.

Although their daughters were not exactly sure what kept the Slees’ marriage alive, Di said their friends and busy schedules greatly influenced the viability of their relationship.

“There was a lot going on all the time, which kept things exciting and busy,” Di said.

“They had a lovely group of friends, and they always backed whatever new idea my parents would come up with.

“Friends would often come over for dinner and play cards or they would all go golfing together,” she said.

At the weekend the couple celebrated their anniversary with their four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Today they will continue to stand side by side and celebrate with an afternoon tea surrounded by 30 of their closest friends.

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