Trees inspected every three years, says council

By James Bennett

Greater Shepparton City Council says all trees on council land are inspected at least once every three years.

Last week two cars were seriously damaged when a large branch fell from a gum tree.

The cars were empty and no-one was injured. A third car was also damaged as a result of the fallen limb.

The News followed up the serious incident to find out what measures are taken to prevent damage or injury.

Council said the tree in question was inspected sometime in the last three years but would not say exactly when.

The trees were cleaned up by council.

Director infrastructure Phil Hoare said council inspects and assesses trees on land that it owns and is responsible for checking them on a three-year cycle.

"Council is constantly looking at improved methods and reliability of assessing the health and structural integrity of trees, including the use of drones," he said.

"When a tree does fail — particularly when it is unexpected — council’s qualified arborist undertakes an inspection to determine why the tree failed, so we can better understand the potential for future failures.

"Our staff cut the failed section (of the tree with the fallen branch) and placed it in bushland for habitat purposes.

"The remaining trunk has been left in place, also for habitat.

"Council will look to replant a suitable species of tree in this location and when established, may consider removal of the trunk."

Council said it re-inspected the surrounding trees in the area after the incident.