Shepparton intersections to be more pedestrian-friendly

By Thomas Moir

A prominent city strip of brunch and coffee spots is set to become more pedestrian-friendly.

A proposed safety upgrade will see the top end of Shepparton’s mall, at the Fryers and Maude Sts intersection, raised, improvements made to Fryers St, midway between Maude and Corio Sts, and to a section west of the Corio St roundabout.

These are among a raft of Shepparton’s central business district streets in line for the pedestrian safety upgrade.

Seven sites are set to be improved in the plan, including three sites on Fryers St and three on Corio St.

Two of the proposed Corio St upgrades are provisional, pending available funds.

The works are planned to be done between May and July.

City engineer Phil Hoare said they would see existing pedestrian locations improved to encourage drivers to slow down and be vigilant of pedestrians.

‘‘The works will raise the walking pavement at existing pedestrian crossings, which further encourages drivers to reduce speeds, making it easier to see pedestrians and provide better visibility,’’ he said.

‘‘The pavement at these locations will be raised approximately 100mm and the end results will be similar to the pedestrian crossings at the Vaughan St shopping centre.’’

The works are a partnership between Regional Roads Victoria and Greater Shepparton City Council and funding for the improvement works will be part of RRV’s safe system infrastructure program.

Mr Hoare said the council was pleased to attract funding and to provide a safe road environment for everyone.

‘‘It is important to provide a safe road environment for all road users, including pedestrians and this is a great outcome for pedestrians in our CBD,’’ he said.

‘‘We are committed to working with businesses and contractors to minimise the impacts of the projects and have had successful consultations with businesses in the area.

‘‘Council will work with contractors to maintain access to all businesses during the works.’’