What is on federal parliament’s agenda

By AAP Newswire


* House and Senate sitting from Monday to Thursday

* First speech by South Australian senator Andrew McLachlan to be delivered at 5pm on Wednesday

* Inquiry report due on government move to ban large cash payments

* Greens will introduce a bill to the lower house making major emitters liable for climate change damage. Also, Greens legislation in the Senate to ban thermal coal mining in Queensland's Galilee Basin

* Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce to introduce a bill to split states into regions for the purposes of Senate representation (six senators per state, two senators per region)

* Inquiry hearings into Australia's sovereign naval shipbuilding capability, conduct of the 2019 federal election, migration in regional Australia, and Australia's oil and gas reserves

* Senate to deal with laws to simplify income reporting for welfare benefits, recovering unpaid superannuation, reforming the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, and setting up the Australian Business Growth Fund

* House to debate paid parental leave changes, a ban on academic cheating services and easier access to farm household support.