Central Qld fire destroys multiple homes

By AAP Newswire

An unpredictable and dangerous bushfire that claimed more than a dozen houses and sheds continues to burn on multiple fronts in central Queensland.

The massive 14 kilometre-wide blaze is burning from Cobraball toward Lake Mary, Bungundarra and Maryvale in the Yeppoon hinterland.

Another leave immediately order was issued on Sunday afternoon, with emergency services warning the blaze is expected to have a significant impact on the community.

Livingstone Shire Council Mayor Bill Ludwig said the out-of-control blaze is one of most dangerous and unpredictable fires the region had seen.

"This is a fire with multiple fronts," he told AAP.

"There's a front heading to the north, two heading to the east in different locations and one heading to the south and another the west."

Overnight the fire burned 16 structures, including homes, as ember attacks lit fires 200 metres in advance of the firefront.

Sheds and farming equipment have also been lost as 6000 hectares of grazing, agricultural and bushland burnt.

"It was an impossible night, unfortunately, we just had to let the fire burn and focus on getting people out of the way," Mr Ludwig said.

Mr Ludwig said emergency services continue to be challenged as windy conditions fan the blaze.

"With no rain on the horizon, this is something that has to play out through the reduction of fuel loads through the fire working its way in the direction the elements are taking it," he said.

Yeppoon resident John McGrath said the scale and power of the fire he saw at midnight from a road block reminded him of seeing the 2003 Canberra bushfires that burned down 550 houses.

"Residents who had just taken family and animals to the safety of Yeppoon were not allowed home. You could see why," he posted on Facebook on Sunday.

"I spoke to a good friend at midnight who, with power cut to the area, was putting out spotfires one bucket a time."

"I heard of someone else using milk, orange juice and any liquid fridge contents to do the same," he said.

Another of his friends fled through a firestorm.

"He said it was the scariest experience of his life," Mr McGrath said.