Livestock health advice straight from the vet

By Country News

A new series of short videos called Vet Talks has been released by Agriculture Victoria, delivering livestock advice straight from the vet.

The videos cover the basics of livestock health, presented by Agriculture Victoria district veterinary officer Jeff Cave who has been working with livestock — particularly in north-east Victoria — for more than 20 years.

The Vet Talks videos are available on Agriculture Victoria’s YouTube channel, and have been designed to be watched or listened to as an audio track.

The first five-minute video covers winter nutrition, including what producers should be considering at the present time, what to do if they don’t have sufficient supplementary feed on hand, whether hay on its own is a sufficient supplement and why it is important to provide roughage over winter.

The second and third videos cover why trace mineral deficiencies may be an issue in lambs in Victoria this year, and some of the livestock health issues to consider this coming spring.

To watch or listen to the first three Vet Talk videos, visit: