Showing against other studs helps improve Koole Vale, says owner

By Rodney Woods

Comparing rams with other studs at shows is how owner Alan Harris continues to improve his stud, and his efforts will be on display as Costerfield's Koole Vale approaches its 4th annual on-property ram sale.

Thirty-eight Merino and Poll Merino rams as well as 21 White Suffolk rams will be up for sale on October 9.

In 2019 Koole Vale has been successful at a number of events including winning the Pen of 3 Ram Lambs at the Loddon Valley Merino Field Day; Best Victorian Hogget Ram at Hay Sheep Show; Best Victorian Fleece at the VAS convention; Reserve Champion Medium Ewe at Bendigo; and Champion Medium Ewe at Hamilton Sheepvention.

“We like to take our sheep to shows and compete while promoting our stud, we feel it gives us a great grounding of where our sheep are at and what we need to improve along the way,” Mr Harris said.

He explained the traits they try to achieve when breeding the animals.

“Koole Vale are well known for being good wool cutters on a big frame,” Mr Harris said.

“Our aim is to keep the wool white, well nourished and stylish of fine-medium to medium type.

“This all helps with the versatility of our Merinos, being able to adapt to different environments and markets.

“Our rams are sold in high and lower rainfall areas across Victoria.

“An annual AI program is conducted to introduce new genetics to take our stud to the next level,'' Mr Harris said.

“This enables us to use the best sires in the industry to suit our aims. We can then pass on these genetics to our clients at great value.”

Koole Vale will hold its on-farm sale on Wednesday, October 9 at 28 Parfey Rd, Costerfield, from 12.30pm with inspections from 10.30am.

Lunch and morning tea will be provided.