50 not out: Bungeet ram stud raises bat for 50th anniversary

By Rodney Woods

A near complete clearance was achieved at the Coledale Poll Dorset Stud ram sale on September 26, with Lot 7 selling for the top price of $3000.

Ninety-two of the 102 rams up for auction sold during the sale before another eight were sold immediately after, leading to an average price of $1466 and a gross figure of almost $145000.

Stud principal Wallace Binnie, of Bungeet, said seasonal conditions had made it difficult to prepare as well as sell the rams but he was pleased with the final result as the stud celebrated its 50th year.

“It (the conditions) made it difficult earlier (to prepare them) when we had to put them on oat crop and got them to graze it,” he said.

“It was really tough back in the autumn.

“We had to neglect the rams to feed the ewes and lambs.

“That did put them behind a bit.

“It (the conditions) has made a dent in the number of rams we’ve sold, but to get rid of 100 rams in one day was very satisfying in a year like this.”

Mr Binnie said growth rates were a major change from the early days of the stud to now.

“In one old photo from 1978, our champion rams were so low to the ground they would have been barely 100 kilograms,” he said.

“Compared to now where our rams are 120 to 130 kilograms — growth rates have become much better.”