Increasing fat and muscle offers benefits

By Rodney Woods

Eighty-seven polls and three horned rams will be up for auction at Toland Poll Merino's 32nd annual on-property ram sale on September 23.

The Violet Town stud's principal Anna Toland explained the benefits of increasing the fat and muscle of their sheep over a number of years.

"Most of these rams rank in the top 10 per cent across Australia for ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) for these traits," she said.

"This offers higher fertility, higher lamb survivability and ensures that the ewe can continue to function in tough times without compromising wool and carcase growth.

"It also means that the progeny will reach maturity early, meaning that you will be able to turn off those Merino wethers early to capitalise on market demands."

The Toland Poll Merino Stud sale will be held on Monday, September 23 at 1888 Feltrim Rd, Violet Town, with inspections welcome from 10am before the sale starts at 1pm.