Webinar will look at the cattle disease, theileriosis

By Jamie Salter

A webinar will explain the cause, management and recent research on theileriosis in Victoria.

Theileriosis is caused by the Theileria parasite infecting blood cells of cattle and leading to anaemia.

The parasite is spread by blood-sucking arthropod insects, such as ticks, which can infest cattle.

Theileriosis can affect cattle of all ages, with heavily pregnant, lactating and stressed cows tending to be at greatest risk — sometimes leading to death due to reduced immunity.

Victoria's chief veterinary officer Graeme Cook will introduce the webinar session; district veterinary officers John Ryan and Jeff Cave — each with practical experience from theileriosis outbreaks in Victoria — will present from an on-farm perspective; and veterinary pathobiology research leader Grant Rawlin will report on recent research findings.

This event will provide up-to-date information on theileriosis for farmers and animal health advisers, to assist their understanding and impacts of the disease.

The webinar, hosted by Agriculture Victoria, will be held on Tuesday, June 30 from 7.30 pm to 8.45 pm.

To register, visit

Registration is free, however, call and data costs may apply when taking part in the session.

Information on joining the event will be provided by email after registration.

For more information, phone Greg Ferrier on 0438 738 634 or email: [email protected]