Kialla’s Joyce Noonan has painted 40 landscapes through lockdown

By Madi Chwasta

When COVID-19 restrictions struck in March, many grappled with the long hours stuck indoors - but Kialla's Joyce Noonan didn't.

The 81-year-old picked up her paint brush, and has since painted every single day, with about 40 completed landscapes to show for it.

“It's because I was stuck here with nothing to do,” Ms Noonan said.

A talented artist, Ms Noonan recalls receiving an academic scholarship to attend Notre Dame College based on her outstanding marks for art.

Time used wisely: a work created by Joyce during lockdown.

But she took a long break to pursue another one of her creative talents - playing piano in a band and writing songs, which led onto years of organising regional music festivals.

She recently took up painting again, and about two years ago, painted an impressive nine-metre-long mural in her backyard based on a Murray River scene.

However, it became a daily pursuit when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from leaving the house.

Ms Noonan's creative process comes naturally - she envisions a made-up landscape inspired by photos she's seen, and roughly sketches it, before bringing it to life with colourful house paint.

Special work: Joyce Noonan has kept busy during lockdown.

And she's certainly got more creative juice in her; she's currently painting a backdrop for an archway in her garden, and plans on writing more music in the coming weeks.

While she has never painted for profit, she is welcoming offers to buy her work, and the money will be invested back into her painting.

Still, Ms Noonan has never taken her talents for granted.

“To be able to paint, it feels like you've been given a gift,” she said.

To inquire about Joyce Noonan's paintings, phone Lesley on 0429 922 063.