Euroa golfer’s DIY project in full swing

By Shepparton News

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke and restrictions came into place, golfers across Victoria lamented as they put their favourite game on hold.

Euroa golfer Eddie Carracher, however, found the perfect way to fill in the many weekends spent off the course.

Mr Carracher said he decided to build a storage unit for the many sticks, bags, shoes and varied golf supplies that had been scattered throughout his garage.

Eddie Carracher spent his time off the golf course building a storage unit.

Mr Carracher said it did not take long to design the piece, using 18 mm CD plywood, which he wanted to include space for two bags as well as shelving for accessories.

After realising there was ample room above the bags, Mr Carracher added in another shelf to maximise the storage space.

“I used a power saw to cut the pieces down to size and used screws and wood glue to join them together,” he said.

“It was a really simple project and one that anyone can change up to suit their needs.”

Mr Carracher said it was not only a great way to save space in the garage, but the storage unit also protected his valuable golfing equipment.