Macey the beagle is adjusting to life in Shepparton

By Madi Chwasta

Since Shepparton's Emily Lewin-Hill adopted Macey six weeks ago she has been blinded by more than just love.

“Macey has eaten my glasses,” she said.

“She found them, and demolished the lenses and the frame.

“I can’t really see at the moment — there’s no driving for me for a little while.”

But Emily said it is not Macey's fault. The two-year-old beagle is still adjusting to a new owner and home.

A crazy chewer: Emily Lewin-Hill with Macey the beagle.

Emily moved to Shepparton almost three months ago from Melbourne to take up a role as a case worker with a not-for-profit organisation and to care for her grandfather Bill Lewin.

And she thought she would get a dog to relieve the stress of work.

“I’ve always wanted a dog, and I thought because of my job, it would be a good thing to come home to,” she said.

She found Macey on Gumtree, and familiar with the "beautiful" nature of beagles, travelled to Frankston to adopt her.

“The couple who owned her were moving, and they weren’t able to exercise her as much as she needed,” Emily said.

“They said she was ‘high energy’, but they also said she doesn’t chew on things — a bit different to my experience.”

Up for cuddles: Macey the beagle loves people and attention.

As well as her glasses, Macey has destroyed Emily's handbag and runners, and has been acting out while on walks.

“She’s really good at escaping her harness, she’s done it a number of times,” Emily said.

“She’s got a good strategy — she’ll walk backwards through it.

“She has this look in her eye when she knows she’s done something wrong.”

It has led Emily to do a bit of "dog psychology", and she reckons she has worked out the answer.

“Dogs can’t vocalise their problems, so I've been trying to figure out what's wrong,” she said with a laugh.

“She hasn't been doing it too often, so I think it might be an adjustment thing.”

Two-year-old beagle: Macey was adopted by Emily Lewin-Hill.

While Macey has in some ways caused Emily more stress, she has been a fun and joyful companion during times of social distancing.

“She’s a very social and affectionate dog,” Emily said.

“Sometimes she’ll curl up and I’ll cuddle her.

“And when we go on walks, people on the street always say ‘hi’ to her.

“It’s a nice social connection during these times.”

Will gnaw on anything: sometimes Macey the beagle gives Emily a lot of stress.

And despite only knowing one another for a few weeks, Macey has already become part of the furniture.

“Moving to a new place, you’re more vulnerable in some ways, and you have to connect with people more,” Emily said.

“It’s quite nice having Macey through this.

“She’s very close to my heart and she already feels like home.”


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