Local artist to soak up Spotlight

By Shepparton News

Shepparton-born and Arcadia-raised Madeline Wright is the selected artist for Shepparton Art Museum’s SAM Local: Spotlight 2020.

Following on from the success of previous years, SAM will again go local in March next year, with five exhibition spaces dedicated to showcasing creative talent from across our region.

Ms Wright said she was excited by the opportunity of creating a solo exhibition.

“It’s really special to be chosen for SAM Local: Spotlight and to be given the opportunity to share what I see, and love, about Arcadia and its surrounds, and hopefully inspire SAM visitors to slow down in reverie and notice all of the special and unique details that connects them to this region,” she said.

The exhibition will see Madeline make multiple trips back to her home town of Arcadia to make the work, which she describes as ‘assemblages of Arcadia’.

Plus, the display will include object-based works in metal, ceramics, glass and the materials of Arcadia and the Goulburn River in its found objects, dusts and colours.

The resulting still life composition of objects, memories and moments will be titled A Field Guide to Utopia.

SAM's director Rebecca Coates said the SAM Local exhibition provided incredible insight into the creative practices of artists who had a strong connection to the area.

“It is a joy to work with our local community in supporting, inspiring and engaging talent in a regional context,” she said.

After an overwhelming response to the artist call-out in November, Ms Wright was selected to present a solo exhibition at SAM.

SAM's curator Lara Merrington said the selection process was always challenging.

“The calibre of applications received this year was high and extremely diverse from emerging to established artists, and artists working in a range of mediums and concepts,” she said.

“We were looking particularly for artists and works which connect to the local and will form an engaging and stimulating part of SAM’s annual program.

“We look forward to working closely with Madeline, enabling her to gain professional experience working in a museum context.”

SAM Local: Spotlight will be presented as a part of the SAM Local exhibitions in March.

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