Styling for sale

By Shepparton News

Everyone wants to sell their house quickly and get the best price they can.

Our Home got some tips from Michelle Slot, whose business — Mulberry Lane Property Styling — specialises in making your property look its best.

De-clutter the clutter

“When there is too much to see we don’t see anything,” Michelle said.

When all evidence of the current or previous owner is removed it is easier for a prospective purchaser to picture their own belongings in the home and form an emotional connection with it.

Position, position, position

Aim to make rooms, especially living rooms, feel as spacious as possible by the careful placement of furniture. And try to make something other than the TV the focal point of the room.

“The buyer will feel more at home if the focal point is a beautiful piece of artwork over an inviting sofa and cushions, calling out for them to sit, rest there with their local paper and a cup of tea,” Michelle said.

Colour your world

Don’t muddy a room with too many colours.

Use one main wall colour that goes well with the other dominant colour in the room (usually the couch) and then add small touches of a third colour with some soft furnishings or décor items.

This will make the room seem “unified, spacious and visually liveable,” Michelle said.

Add some greenery

“Nothing freshens up a room or outdoor area more effectively than greenery,” Michelle said.

A lush pot plant at the front door or seasonal flowers on the dining table freshen the main areas of the home, but if you can’t keep the flowers in top condition use realistic fake plants.

Never have dead plants or off-smelling flowers in a room.

Lighten up

“Lighting is the finishing touch to create a beautiful ambience,” Michelle said.

All lights should have working bulbs and it is worth investing in a floor lamp for living and dining rooms.

Have every light on in the property for each inspection to create a warm ambience and ensure that a prospective buyer leaves with a cosy feeling.