My Pet: Skellywags and Bartlett live the good life

By Madeleine Byron

When Kaarimba’s Ange Grinter came across an abandoned lamb in her lucerne crop last year she wasn’t sheepish about it.

'‘My husband told me to leave her, but I kept checking in and she hadn’t moved all day, so I just thought, ‘nope, I’m picking her up’,’’ Mrs Grinter said.

‘‘She was unresponsive, she couldn’t even lift her head.’’

That’s when Mrs Grinter decided to take the matter into her own hands, but she stressed it was a team effort to bring the lamb back to life.

‘‘When I first brought her home, I left her outside on the back step to mix up a bottle of milk and my dog Roger curled up next to her to keep her warm,’’ she said.

Skellywags and Bartlett are living the life of luxury.

The next day Mrs Grinter’s husband, Stuart, found another lamb in the crop. The pair became known as Skellywags and Bartlett and have been around ever since.

‘‘When I started to bottle-feed Skellywags she became this little glut and would follow me around all the time,’’ Mrs Grinter said.

True to her namesake, Skellywags was a wake-up call to parenthood.

‘‘When they were older, we let them feed in the vegie garden because the weeds had become out of control — however they didn’t stop there and got into the silver beet,’’ Mrs Grinter said.

‘‘I’ve had to chase them out of the chook pen, because we feed the chooks wheat and that can kill a sheep, but yet, there they are in the pen eating the wheat — we’re lucky they haven’t died.’’

The duo now have a paddock of their own and meet the couple at their back door.

Owner Ange Grinter says Skellywags is always up for a cuddle and a pat.

‘‘Sometimes they break out of the paddock and go back to the spot where their pen used to be to sleep there for the night,’’ Mrs Grinter said.

‘‘I reckon it was Skellywags that walked into the house one day. If the door isn’t quite closed, they will try and barge in.

‘‘It’s amazing how friendly they have become. I’ll come down the driveway and they recognise my ute and come prancing up to the fence.

‘‘And we have this yellow bucket that we feed them from. I think it’s so funny, if you shook a black bucket at them, they wouldn’t come, but when Stuart waves a yellow footy at them, they come running.’’


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