My Art: Lex Neville

By Ashlea Witoslawski

As you enter Lex Neville’s shed in Kialla, you’ll find tools, gym equipment and some home brewing items, as well as a photography studio taking pride of place along a side wall.

Modest about his creative endeavours, Lex says he has always had an interest in photography, first inspired by a desire to capture the important life moments of his four children.

‘‘I always had a camera and would take holiday snaps,’’ he says.

After retirement, Lex began investing more in his craft, having time to learn and perfect his skills.

‘‘I take photos of everything and anything,’’ he says.

‘‘I don’t specialise, I just try to be creative and artistic.’’

Lex’s photos vary from portraits to sunset landscapes, all made possible with the help of his much-loved Canon EOS 5D MKII.

‘‘It can be as creative as you like it to be, you’ve got to draw the lines for yourself,’’ he says.

For Lex, meeting other amateur photographers and capturing new and interesting places are among the major highlights.

Involved with the local University of the Third Age photography group for the past 10 years, Lex enjoys sharing his skills with others.

‘‘We’re just a bunch of retired people that teach ourselves,’’ he says.

‘‘It’s not too formal.

‘‘We’re writing a photography manual at the moment and illustrating with our photos.’’

For about five years, Lex has also been involved with Shepparton Camera Club, enjoying a mix of different styles and a little competition along the way.

Lex says he has been fortunate to meet many famous photographers in his time while on field trips, including to places such as Bright and Hervey Bay in Queensland.

‘‘So far everyone has been willing to share their stuff and share their knowledge,’’ he says.

‘‘There was no snobbery.’’

Lex hopes to continue perfecting his craft, learning more from those around him and capturing family moments now of his grandchildren.

He has also taken a recent interest in woodworking and hopes to develop some new skills.

‘‘I haven’t done woodwork since high school,’’ he says with a laugh.

‘‘They’re such a lovely group of people and happy to teach me.’’

Lex encourages anyone interested to take on photography or any new skills during their retirement.

‘‘You’ve got to be doing something,’’ he says.

You can see more of Lex Neville’s work on Facebook at ‘Lex Neville’ or on the Shepparton Camera Club Facebook page.