Croxford wants fairer GVL catering rights

By Kyabram Free Press

By Gus Underwood

Former Kyabram Football Club president Peter Croxford has raised the issue of what he considers an unfair system regarding the clubs benefiting most from the current GVL finals series.

Croxford, who spent five years in two stints as president of the Bombers and more than double that time as a committeeman and was at the helm when Kyabram’s run of recent premierships started in 2013 under coach Dave Williams, believes there has to be a fairer system than the present arrangements for the three finals played each year at Deakin Reserve, Shepparton.

Under the current finals arrangements, Shepparton Swans get 10 per cent of the catering rights for the preliminary final while co-tenants of Deakin Reserve, Shepparton and Shepparton United, each cop 7.5 percent for the grand final, with the remainder distributed to the other nine clubs.

Croxford’s beef is that all clubs should be involved in finals catering and even hosting the finals series.

‘‘The financial winners on grand final day are not necessarily the ones that win the cup. They get the cup and the glory but the financial winners on the day are Shepparton and Shepparton United — and they have been for many years.

‘‘The other finals are rotated every two years between the other clubs but they just don’t generate the money grand finals generate,’’ Croxford added.

Although the current finals set-up is locked in the current GVL by-laws, Croxford believes all clubs need a say on what they think of the current system and should take any necessary moves to change it and make it fairer to all clubs.