Tongala delivers hay to Queensland farm

By James Arbuthnott

On Friday, November 22 a B-Double full of hay arrived at a cattle farm in the Western Downs town of Glenmorgan, Queensland.

The truck and trailer had travelled more than 1000km from Tongala to the town of about 150 people, destined for the Goodwin grazing property thanks to Tongala’s Des Cornwall.

“I had a bit of last year's hay here and I suggested that if the Goodwins could organise the transport, I could come up with enough hay to fill it,” Mr Cornwall said.

Mr Cornwall and his wife, Suzi, from GTS Farm Supplies, then called around to the Glass, Pretty and Mangan families, who also donated some hay.

“I knew they'd been struggling for a few years and it was something I could do that wouldn't hurt me — and I know the hay will get him through to market or he'll get enough rain soon so he can start again,” Mr Cornwall said.

“And I couldn't ask a dairy farmer for assistance because they have enough trouble as it is.”

The delivery was met with much gratitude by the Goodwins.

“This beautiful hay will help keep our cattle alive until the beginning of February,” Mr Goodwin said.

“Des spent a lot of time organising the hay and assembling the bales in one location to make collection easier, and he also unloaded the truck.

“We would like to say the biggest thank you to these wonderful people who do not hesitate to help someone in need, even if they don’t know them.”

But as Mr Cornwall said, he’s just doing what others would.

“I like to keep these little things generally quiet, not for notoriety — I'm just doing what I can do when I can,” he said.