$48,000 for a teacher to move to Ky

By James Arbuthnott

IF A teacher had ever pondered switching from the bright lights of Melbourne to Kyabram, now is the time.

Because two lucky, big-smoke professionals can soon be part of the state government’s $82.8 million investment to move metropolitan school teachers to the country.

P-12 College Kyabram needs a mathematics teacher and an English teacher.

“They'll be starting on day one, term one, 2020,” Ky P-12 principal Paul Tozer said.

“Because there is more competition in the city, teachers looking to take that next step in their career now have that opportunity to come to the country and step up.”

And with a $21,000 first-year incentive and $9000 annually for the next three years, Kyabram has never been a better option.

“It's a tremendous initiative from the government to support our regional communities and show the importance of having people look to the country,” Mr Tozer said.

“It's a nice incentive to come to a beautiful community like Kyabram that has everything you need.”

P-12 currently has two open Targeted Funding Initiative (TFI) positions, but Mr Tozer wants locals to apply too.

“We have an English position available in the senior school and a numeracy position, a learning specialist, which is a range of teacher classification that indicated a high level of expertise.

“A teacher that will not only be teaching their classes but also teaching other teachers to build their capacity.”

“Anyone can apply for the TFI job though, a first-year or even a very experienced person will go through the normal processes and we will pick the best applicant — and if they're eligible for the incentive they get that as well.

“We're just always after the best possible teacher we can get and want to build the capacity of our fantastic staff.”

But it is not just the money that should catch newcomers’ attention but the character of the school.

“In a lot of ways schools can be very similar but they also have their own culture and uniqueness, and I think the beauty of this school is the strong community, both the immediate school community inside these walls and the wider community is a really strong one that supports each other,” Mr Tozer said.

“The opportunity for career advancement is strong here, we have both primary and secondary schools and positions that cross between them.

“And the opportunity to come and start a family and be able to buy a house. There are lifestyle opportunities on a big block of land, where your kids can walk safely around the streets.

“There are all those advantages a town like ours offers. And if we can link new staff into the community, they're more likely to stay.

“And for a teacher with tremendous capacity, we're going to still work on building their capacity when we're here — it's in our best interest to invest in our staff.”

Applications open early December at Recruitment Online.