Christine Anderson receives Services to Parkinson’s award

By James Arbuthnott

Parkinson's peer support group leader Christine Anderson received a Community Award for Services to Parkinson's recently.

It is just another notch in her belt as she strives to raise awareness of the disease and support others who have been diagnosed.

Christine was still working in the art room at Ky P-12 College when she was diagnosed with the disease, and attended the first Kyabram support group meeting in 2013.

But it was not until a year later, when she retired, that she became an active member.

Five years on, her work has been recognised after being dobbed in by two friends — Christine attending the ceremony mainly to watch a lecture by neuropsychologist Dr Luke Smith.

“He has a terrific understanding of the Parkinson's brain, I had heard him once before and was impressed by the simplicity of his explanations,” Ms Anderson said.

“Parkinson's disease is a very individual experience, with little to celebrate, so the five-year awards were enthusiastically presented.”

Already the face of Parkinson's Victoria's winter fundraising campaign and a major Walk in the Park fundraiser, Ms Anderson is modest about her achievement.

“It's only a five-year award,” she said.

“And it was a little embarrassing because I had to get up twice.”

The award was decided by the Board of Parkinson's Victoria and recognised Ms Anderson's significant contributions to major events.