Lancaster leading the way for dyslexia

By Kyabram Free Press

LANCASTER Primary School has cemented its title as the region’s leading voice for kids with dyslexia after being selected to receive free learning tools from acclaimed language provider Nessy.

The little Lancaster school is the only one of its kind rolling out these sort of programs across its entire student body, and among only a handful chosen to get the free goodies.

Nessy teamed up with Dyslexia Victoria Support to donate more than $100 000 worth of educational products to schools across the state.

For Lancaster, that means that not only are children getting thorough speech and literacy education, students who are struggling don’t have a separate program — which means they don’t stick out.

Lancaster Primary learning specialist Willie Alblas said the new tools would have a big impact on the school’s ability to help students learn.

“Children with dyslexia need more exposures to a concept before they grasp it, and that is what is fantastic about the Nessy program — it’s repetitive,” she said.

The grant coincides with Dyslexia Awareness Month, which Lancaster Primary celebrates with great pride.

“We firmly believe in early identification and early intervention. We don’t wait to fail. Many schools wait until Grade One or beyond before offering help to the most vulnerable students,” Ms Alblas said.

“Our school pre-assesses all Preps before starting school to look for signs of dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

“This pre-assessment ensures that all students who are at risk of literacy difficulties have appropriate small group and one-on-one intervention from the very first day of Prep.

“We look for difficulties with rhyming, syllable division, and segmenting sounds in words. We also believe that the most qualified and experienced teachers should be working with the most at-risk students.”