HDNFL look at potential grand final switch

By Brayden May

HEATHCOTE District Football Netball League's grand final could be set for a change of day in a bid to avoid a clash with other local competitions.

At last month's annual general meeting, the prospect of playing the game on the AFL Grand Final Friday Public Holiday was raised, but discussions are only at an early stage.

This year's game clashed with several other competitions but a change of dates would allow four grand finals to be played across the region in consecutive weeks.

“We've raised with the clubs the prospect of playing our grand final in 2021 on the AFL grand final eve Friday public holiday and they will now have 12 months to think about it, so they have plenty of time to weigh up the pros and cons,” HDFNL chairman Peter Cole told Australian Community Media.

“We're trying to be a proactive league and we see this as another opportunity to try something new.

“The early feedback I've got from some of the presidents is they think it's a great idea, but it will ultimately come down to a consensus opinion among the clubs.

“But it's certainly something we're keen to push.”

Even with a change of dates, the HDNFL's preliminary final would clash with the Bendigo Football Netball League's grand final.

Meanwhile, the preliminary final winner would have just a six-day break before the big dance.

“There's obviously a bit to consider and if no-one else sees an opportunity there, we're happy to look at it,” Cole said.

“If it happens and it doesn't quite work then we'd just go back to the old way.”