Ladies Day at Heathcote Golf Club welcomes new friends in Axedale members

By The McIvor Times

HEATHCOTE Golf Club ladies were joined by a lovely group of Axedale members on Saturday.

Kerry Scales of Axedale scooped the pool with 41 points off a handicap of 14. Sue Green kept the flag flying for Heathcote with 36 points off a handicap of 36.

Carol Stuart, Emma Dorrington, Megan McPherson and Sue Minne completed the day’s winners, with Anne Telford winning nearest the pin on the 18th hole.

Saturday’s men’s competition was stroke for the monthly medal and was won by Gerard Ellis (division one) with 76-8-68. Ian Furneaux was the winner in division two with 93-25-68. Balls were won by: Kent Davies, Bryce Pianta, David Clouston, John
Mugavin and Mick Tobin.

Birdies went to David Clouston and Gerard Ellis while nearest the pins went to Bryce Pianta, Ian Furneaux and Shane Morris.

■ WINNERS of the Ovarian Cancer Day were: D. Clouston, T. Wearne, L. Maxwell and J. Baker. The nett winners in the mens were: G. Ellis, D. ONeil, B. Stobaus and B. Morgan. The nett winners in the mixed were C. Stuart, J. Dunn, J. Johnson and P.

Carol Stuart, Cathy Shaddock and June Roberts represented Heathcote Golf Club in the Kyneton Bowl and while they were unable to bring home the trophy they played well and enjoyed the day.

Carol finished one behind the A-grade winner in a good performance. However, it is likely Carol will remember to check the ball doesn’t have a split in it and needs to be changed the next time the ball starts behaving erratically!

■ HELEN Carlin won the Wednesday ladies monthly medal with a score of 104-29-75 with Carol Stuart winning nearest the pin on the 18th.

■ THURSDAY’S men’s competition was stroke with Kent Davies winning division one with a nett score of 72 off a handicap of six.
The winner in division two was John Mugavin with a net score of 71 off a handicap of 21.  Ball winners were: Craig Davies, Gerard Ellis, R. Clarke, Ron Blachford and Ian Furneaux. Birdies went to G. Ellis, B. Pianta, J. Gastin and A. Davidson, while par balls went to G. Boyes and M. Chilcott.

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