Warm weather brings out the social bowlers in Heathcote

By The McIvor Times

THE warmer weather saw better numbers turn up to Heathcote Bowling Club to play social bowls.

On Wednesday, in fine and warm conditions, 13 bowlers played three games of pairs and triples. The winners were Alan Perry (s), Les Morante and Greg Speirs (three wins, 43 points, +9 shots).

Runners-up were John McGillivray (s), Kelvin Hamilton and Ellis Knight (two wins and a draw, 40 points, +13 shots) from Rod Hanson (s) and Judy McDonald (one win and a draw, 25 points, -2 shots).

The jackpot was not won. On Saturday, in fine and windy conditions, 13 bowlers played three games of pairs and triples.

While no team was able to win all three games they played, four teams finished with two game wins and the winners on the points system were Chris Cail (s), Kelvin Hamilton and John Hutson (two wins, 33 points, +10 shots).

Runners-up were Hal Dihm (s) and Ken Reader (two wins, 33 points, +4 shots).

Third place went to Dot Cutajar (s) and Keith Brown (two wins, 32 points, +4 shots) while Smokey Dawson (s) and Frank Cutajar (two wins, 32 points, +1 shot) came in fourth.

The jackpot was not won and will be $135 today. There was no pennant played last Saturday.

Weekend pennant teams, for Saturday, November 23 Division three — Heathcote vs Golden Square at Heathcote.

H. Dihm (s), P. Cunningham, B. Cail, D. Thomas. G. Wilkie (s), G. Speirs, R. Hanson, B. Kelly. J. McGillivray (s), B. Taylor, K. Brown, G. Baker. C. Morcom (s), F. Dimauro, H. Dawson, L. Morante. Side captain: G. Speirs. Duty Team: G. Wilkie.

Division six — Heathcote vs Marong at Marong.

B. Kapoulitsa (s), E. Knight, G. McDowell, D. Dedman. B. Mathieson (s), F. Cutajar, B. Berger, R. Scott. A. Perry (s), D. Cutajar, K. Reader,R. Bond. E. O’Brien (s), J. McDonald, J. Hutson, B. Pumpa. Side captain: E. Knight. Bus leaves at 11.15am.

Midweek Pennant team for Monday, November 25 Division two — Heathcote vs Marong at Heathcote.

C. Cail (s), I. Hutterer, E. Knight, G. Speirs. D. Cutajar (s), L. Speirs, K. Hamilton, A. Perry. E. O’Brien (s), J. McDonald, H. Dawson, R. Hanson. Side captain: C. Cail. Duty team: D. Cutajar.

Coming events

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm. Tomorrow: Pennant practice and club tea. Saturday, November 23: Round 5 Weekend pennant. Monday, November 25: Round 6 Weekend Pennant. Tuesday, November 26: Round 3 Tuesday Night Social Pennant at 7pm.