Pyalong CFA being squeezed out of their own station

By McIvor Times

The Pyalong CFA is being squeezed out of its own station.

For 15 years the rural brigade has been on a waiting list for a new shed, but now things are critical after members received a second truck.

The second truck is an important addition, but it is also big.

Pyalong CFA member Penny Ryan said things had been feeling cramped recently.

“To fit the new truck in our station we’ve had to move our office into our already limited-space meeting room and kitchen,” she said.

“We also have a quick-fill trailer, used by the CFA for filling tankers with water quickly from dams or other water sources, and this has to be housed privately, as we cannot accommodate it at the fire shed.”

Attention has been brought to Pyalong’s issue after State Member for Euroa Steph Ryan spoke out about the brigade's treatment.

“Volunteers at the Pyalong CFA are out of space and they have no toilets,” Ms Ryan said in an online post.

“For the past 15 years they’ve been told they’re in a queue for a new shed, but red tape and bureaucracy keep stifling action.”

Ms Ryan said it was time the State Government “looked after the volunteers who look after us”.

Penny said the station had never had toilets, and volunteers walk to a nearby public toilet when needed.

Not an ideal situation for a service expected to get up and go on a moment’s notice.