Lakeshore caravan park donates $4000 to Heathcote Health

By Vanessa Wiltshire

THREE local fire brigades, Heathcote Health and many other community groups have received a helping hand thanks to the generosity of former site holders at Lakeshore caravan park.

The park closed for a full redevelopment on June 30. Operators Adventures Victoria signed a new lease agreement on July 1, 2018 with the landlord, Goulburn-Murray Water.

Park manager Chrissy McNeill said it was a very emotional time for site holders and staff.

“Former site holders were required to remove their belongings so the park can be upgraded to meet all regulatory requirements,” she said.

“But we are looking forward to what's ahead. There has been incredible generosity and kindness shown between people wanting to help each other. Even when they were losing something they loved.

“Many site holders donated their caravans and belongings to those who required a helping hand. We were able to help a significant amount of people with accommodation, furniture and basic household necessities,” Chrissy said.

“We were also made aware of numerous people in the area, many elderly, who are homeless and have nowhere safe to call home.

“So a small band of local people donated time to repair their caravans and deliver them free of charge to these extremely grateful recipients.”

Chrissy said many vans were unable to be relocated by their owners.

“With the owner’s permission they were put up for a charity donation. Along with funds donated by our parent company, Adventures Victoria, we gifted money to Axedale, Knowsley and Mosquito Creek Fire Brigades. These brigades are such an important part of our local community and strive to keep everyone safe. Money was also donated to Heathcote Health.”

Adventures Victoria donated five cabins to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Bendigo, ensuring participants have a place to live once they complete the program.

“On behalf of Lakeshore Caravan Park we are all extremely grateful for all these contributions. Even when chips are down, people still show kindness and generosity,” Chrissy said.

Lakeshore Caravan Park will reopen in the next 12 to 18 months with new amenities including a pool, waterfront restaurant and numerous accommodation options catering for all budgets.