Wanganui Park students learn drumming

Wanganui Park Secondary College students have got their groove on at a Japanese drum lesson.

Two workshops were held at the school on Monday morning hosted by special visitor Kiyomi Calwell from EZ Japanese.

EZ Japanese provides authentic Japanese cultural programs to schools, communities and events in an exciting way.

Wanganui’s Japanese teacher Beverley Cook said the two 50-minute workshops were a hit among students and teachers and made for an experience they would not forget.

She said the lessons provided for Year 7 and Year 8 saw students picking up a number of different traditional Japanese rhythms in no time.

‘‘The best part that I really liked was it was really good to teach kids to work as a team and it was fun while they were doing it.’’

Ms Cook said it had been such a pleasant experience and they wished more students and teachers could have been involved. She hoped to see Ms Calwell return to the school soon.