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Students on the ‘air’

By Shepparton News

March 9, 1983

Students at a Shepparton school are sharpening their communication skills on their own miniature radio station.

Music from a small studio at Shepparton Technical School is being piped through to a school quadrangle.

‘Disc jockeys’ from Years 10 and 11 play and announce the records during morning recess and lunch times.

The station uses wired loud speakers but has already applied for a small FM transmitter so the program can be broadcast over the air waves in the school area.

A teacher involved in the project since its start last year, Ian Kitto, said it was intended to help students improve their self confidence and presentation.

He is also hoping to integrate the project into media studies.

There are other possibilities being explored.

“We are hoping students will be able to write a program for the station on a particular subject or have the station broadcast creative material produced by the students,” Mr Kitto said.

“Students may be able to interview people on a range of interests.”

The students have been enthusiastically involved in the project since the $3000 worth of equipment was made available by a special grant.

One of the keenest students, Dean Mansell from Year 11, organises a roster for the announcers.

The studio contains two turntables, two reel-to-reel tape decks, a cassette deck, a mixing console, a monitor amplifier, monitor speakers and microphones.

Students involved with the project produced a program for the test transmission of the community FM radio last year.

The school station has been operating since October but Mr Kitto said this year should see some ideas come to fruition.