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Stop signs out today

By Shepparton News

May 31, 1973

Twelve ‘stop’ signs in Shepparton are scheduled to be pulled out this afternoon.

City Council has made application to the Road Safety and Traffic Authority to remove the signs.

It has held consultations with Police Superintended H. O'Sullivan on the matter and agreed to go ahead and remove the signs.

Superintendent O'Sullivan said today he agreed the removal of these signs was necessary for the free movement of traffic.

He said some motorists could sit at some intersections for long period if the signs remained.

On the new road rule the superintendent warned motorists to be extremely careful and to comply with the rule "to the letter".

City Engineer Mr Howard Terrill said council wanted to remove stop signs from intersections where people would have to break the new road law to get on to these streets.

The Welsford St signs will be replaced with X road signs.

Other signs to be removed are at the following locations:

Nixon St east of Wyndham St, Harold St south of McKinney St, Edward St on both sides of Harold St, Maude St on both sides of Fryers St, Maude St on both sides of High St, High St on both sides of Wyndham St, Corio St on both sides of High St, Corio St on both sides of Fryers St, Stewart St west of North St and Hoskin St south of High St.

Mr Terrill and the chairman of council's public relations committee Cr John Gerrard will review all other stop signs in the city and report to the next public works committee meeting.

The executive vice-president of the VACC Mr Athol Kelly said in Shepparton yesterday that most places had an over-population of stop signs.

He said the new road law was an experiment which he thought would make a big improvement in reducing accidents.