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Coe sinks her first hole-in-one

By Shepparton News

Wednesday February 15, 2012

Saturday competition: John Mapson was sponsor for Saturday’s competition, fourball medley multiple Stableford, in which partners multiply their Stableford points together after each hole.

While this can produce as many as 16 points on one hole, very often the result is nil, despite one player parring or birdieing the hole. Glen Pearce and Les Walsh played steadily enough to amass 81 points to win from Jan Coe and Sandy Harvey, who had 75.

Darryl Phillips and Des Wright had 74, visitors Laurence Steward and Bill Murphy 68, George Kitto and Georgina Joynson 67, Wilma Saunders and Roslyn Harris 67, Ross Kelly and Bob Wildes 65.

Bill Murphy and Jan Coe won nearest-the-pin trophies on the third hole, David Roberts won on the sixth, Bruce Grosss and Sandy Harvey won on the ninth, while John Keller and Jan Coe won on the 14 hole.

Midweek:Glen Pearce was a clear winner on Tuesday with 42 Stableford points; Noel Stokes was runner-up with 38, and Bruce Durston and Shane Thurston won a ball each for their 35s.

Ross Kelly won Thursday’s stroke competition with nett 68 on a count-back from Allan McGrath, but McGrath won the nearest-the-pin as some consolation.

Simon Russell, Peter Heathman and Bill Moore had 72s and Mick Mulcahy won a ball for his 73.

Twilight: There was a field of 49 players for Twilight Golf and Gail Meneilly triumped with 56-26.5-29.5. John Gledhill had nett 30, Angie Serra, Sandy Harvey and Bruce Gross 30.5, Ray Webb, Jody Webber and Bob Robinson 31, Geoff Coolahan, Phil Panting and Brian Coe 31.5. Tom Phillips won nearest-the-pin.

This week there will be a cross-country event, but many in the field will hardly need to change their game. This is one even when Dave Roberts’ ingenuinity, mixed with a modicum of sadism, comes to the fore and he will be salivating at the prospect.

Pennant: On Sunday the last round of Summer Four Ball Pennant was played at Valley View where Hill Top, with what looked like a good team on paper, was handed a lesson by Rushworth.

John Fanning and Jody Webber led Hill Top away and came home with a win, which alas, was to be the only win of the day.

Peter Baird and Ross Kelly lost 3/1 as the second pair and then third pair Bill Ashcroft and David Roberts squared their match (all even after 18 holes). Darryl Phillips and Merv Harvey lost 3/2 — which was the same result for final pair John Keller and Col Saunders.

Captain Roberts now has some homework to do to sort out the best combinations for the finals as next week the sudden-death semi-finals will be played at Hill Top, where Rushworth will play Valley View and Hill Top will take on Ky Parkland.

Ladies’ golf

An exciting day’s golf last Wednesday for Jan Coe, starting on the par-three third hole, scoring a hole-in-one with her very first shot of the day.

It was her first ever hole-in-one, so well done Jan.

The remaining 28 players had a nice day.

A-grade winner in the day’s par round, just to top off her day, was Jan Coe with plus-1, with Loretta Wiffen runner-up on minus-1.

B-Grade winner with a nice plus-3 was Di Ballantyne from Kath Ryan with minus-2 and C-grade went to Joan Jenkins with plus-2 from Trish Stewart with plus-1.

Nearest-the-pins: Gallery Café’s 23rd – Jan Coe; Tatura’s Hot Bread 6th – Di Ballantyne; Café a Roma’s 9th and Tatura Bakery and Lunches 14th – Joan Hill.

Line balls: Joan Hill – 1; Joyce Baird, Jan Lindsay, Barb Johansen and Pam Warnett -2.

The nine-hole winner was Chris Court with minus-1. The handicapper took a shot each off Di Ballantyne, Joan Jenkins, Kath Ryan and Joyce Baird.

Today’s event is stroke and players will be playing for the monthly medal.

By Duffer (in WOF’s absence)