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Praise for city from visitors

By Shepparton News

May 25, 1973

Praise for city from visitors

Shepparton is looked on as the leading provincial city in Victoria outside Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat, Bairnsdale Mayor Cr R. R. Holloway said yesterday.

“It is a very progressive city,” he said.

Cr Holloway and seven other Bairnsdale councillors and their wives passed through Shepparton on a fact finding tour that has included Benalla, Albury, Wodonga and Wangaratta.

“The recreation reserves, industrial diversification, off street car park and waste water treatment plant are outstanding in Victoria,” Cr Holloway said.

“Your Civic Centre is one of the finest in the state.

“Whatever the Shepparton City Council does, it thinks big - and backs it up with action.

“When they get an idea, they go forward with it. They tackle their projects and problems with enthusiasm and complete them.

“Some of the residential areas we have seen contain some of the best homes you could see in any Victorian provincial centre.”

The group was taken on a complete tour of the city.

Cr Holloway said the sports stadium was the finest of its type he had seen.

The group had found the tour both beneficial and educational, he added.

The visiting councillors met Shepparton City Council yesterday afternoon for an hour to exchange ides.

Cr Holloway said Shepparton City Council did a "marvellous public relations job for their city with the reception they have given us".

“We cannot express our admiration for the hospitality given by the mayor, mayoress and city council,” he said.

Cr Holloway said he had given an invitation to Shepparton City Council to visit Bairnsdale.

Mr Eric Dryden, a member of Shepparton Field and Game Association, checks a pile of rubbish.

May 29, 1973

The big clean up begins

The Field and Game Association has a huge task ahead of it to turn land that has been used as a rubbish dump into a shooting ground.

The land, on the Broken River at Kialla, has been described as "green belt country".

But the last 365m into the area of Crown land is inaccessible by road and afterwards is marked by thick mud, high weeds and rough terrain.

Water blocks the roadway in several places.

The 2.4ha has virtually been used as a rubbish dump.

Car bodies, sheets of tin, boxes and all the imaginable trash litters the area.

Even the lagoons are polluted with rubbish.

This is the area that has caused an upset among Shepparton Shire councillors.

Cr Alice McLeod resigned soon after council moved to grant Shepparton Field and Game Association use of the land over five years for a shooting ground.

The Field and Game Association is steering away from any controversy about the scheme - it just wants to get on with the job.

Secretary of the association Mr R. J. Holland admitted today the branch had a long job ahead of it to clean up the shooting ground.

“It is our intention to bring the area back to its natural state and this will entail many man hours of work,” he said.

He said public access to the area was impractical at present, but the access would be improved.

Mr Holland said the shooting ground would be open to the public and sportsmen and their families could enjoy the facilities,

He said shoots would be organised once a month between May and January, with only minor inconvenience to fishermen.