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Local beef for Jap market

By Shepparton News

May 23, 1974

A property near Shepparton will play a major part in the operations of a new company which will export beef to the multi-million dollar Japanese market.

The company will be formed by one Australian and two Japanese companies.

Up to 15,000 cattle could be raised under the feedlot system on the property at Zeerust, which is managed by Mr A. Robinson.

The feedlot system has been used for two years.

At present, 200 cattle are being fed in four pens.

The companies involved are Thomas Borthwick and Sons, Itoh Ham Provisions and Mitsui and Co.

Mr Robinson and a deputation from the companies were given the go-ahead by Shepparton Shire Council this week to expand their operations.

Mr Robinson said he proposed to install 20 pens for a total of 13,000 to 15,000 cattle.

Thomas Borwick's head buyer, Mr C Stedman said today operations at the Shepparton property were being expanded to their maximum potential.

“It has been in operation for two years on a feasibility study basis,” he said.

“It has been encouraging enough to expand the operation. A special company will be formed in a couple of months time.”

Mr Stedman declined to day how much money was involved.

The aim of the new company would be to supply beef to the Japanese market.

Mr Robinson said the beef produced on his property differs from pasture fed beef and has a greater appeal to the Japanese diet.

Shire secretary Mr John Reed said council had given consideration to all aspects of the development over the last two months, particularly environment protection, discharge of water and effluent control.

Talks were also held with the Agriculture Department and Town planning consultants.

Council gave the go-ahead subject to the following conditions:

● The feedlot is to be defined as an area where animals are confined for more than one month in an area of 400 square feet per animal.

● Cattle number or feedlot is restricted to 10 per acre of land.