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Driver training complex ready by end of year

By Shepparton News

April 3, 1973

The Goulburn Valley Driver Training complex could be finished before the end of the year if donations keep coming in.

Work has already started on the complex which will cost an estimated $110,000.

The public has already contributed about $15,000 to the appeal but the committee of management is aiming to raise a further $20,000.

The latest boost for the complex building program has come from shire councils throughout the Goulburn Valley.

In the past two weeks about $6000 has come from local government bodies.

Chairman of the management committee, Mr Tom Tehan of Kyabram, said this morning that what the complex needed now was more public contributions to keep up the construction program.

“We are in the process of setting up fundraising groups throughout the Goulburn Valley and I would urge everyone to support these groups with a donation.

“Road safety is everyone's problem and this complex is one way to cut the road death toll by teaching drivers to driver more safely.

“it deserves the support of everyone on the Goulburn Valley, he said.

Bulldozers on the site four miles north of Shepparton are carrying out the first earthworks this week.

The complex will have three sections for learners, secondary and advanced drivers.

Each will duplicate every type of road condition and road hazard.

An expert of instructors will be employed at the complex full time to take drivers around the various circuits.

April 4, 1973

Buyers in a panic over meat

Panic buying of meat has hit most Shepparton butcher shops.

Some butchers reported today sales for yesterday were double the normal Tuesday takings.

Yet the butchers say that there is no immediate need for panic buying because most have enough supplies for at least a week.

The shortage scare had come following the statewide stoppage of abattoir workers over wages claims.

Shepparton abattoir has been shut by a dispute last Wednesday but the abattoir workers have also voted to support the state wide stoppage.

But a spokesman at Kyabram Abattoir said today it would continue to operate despite the strike.

He said it was supplying 12 butcher shops in Shepparton.

Abattoirs at Tatura and Echuca too are continuing to process meat.

McColl and McLean Butchers of Shepparton reported this morning they were hoping to find alternative suppliers after a rush on meat yesterday.

However a spokesman at New Shepparton Meat Supply said this would be virtually impossible because abattoirs are supplying only to regular customers.

Most butcher shops have warned there is no real need for buyer panic in Shepparton yet.

Mr Len Cummins, a Fryer St butcher, said he had enough meat for at least a week.

He said he had been explaining this to customers as they tried to buy extra stocks and this had kept buying down to a minimum.

However he said the tendency had been towards panic buying.

Mr J Goodrope, a Wyndham St butcher, said he had enough meat for at least a week and had not received words that more meat would not arrive.

Meanwhile Meat Industry Employees Union members in Shepparton yesterday voted unanimously to support statewide stoppage.

The statewide strike coincides with a stoppage at Consolidated Meat Holdings Ltd (Goval Division) over the operation of the mutton chain.

Shop steward Mr Jim Sexton said this morning he did not expect the union executive to meet again regarding the operation of the mutton chain until the statewide dispute was settled.

Yesterday managing director of Consolidated Meat Holdings (Goval Division) Mr Kevin Bowtell announced mutton processing would cease at the Shepparton abattoir.

He said it would not resume until sheep returned to a level where it would be economical to process them.

Mr Sexton said he would not comment on Mr Bowtell's statement "at this stage".