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From the Archives: Appeal for more marching girls

By Shepparton News

Thursday July 12, 1973

Pretty 17-year-old Shirley Brauman, is the leader of Shepparton Youth Club's senior marching girls team, the Wy-Cees. She's been a marching girl for 12 years and has won a Best Leader sash and 114 medals. Though she's  given us a brave smile today, Shirley's career may have to come to an end. More girls are needed to make up the team.

Corvette delivery

Shepparton car enthusiast Neville Thompson has done it again. This time he has just taken delivery of a 427 Cub Corvette from the United States. It has a top speed of 256 km/h, in the old measure, that reads 160 mph. Jan Zegelin of Shepparton adds a touch of class to the sleek machine.

Wednesday July 11, 1973

Home building in Shepparton has hit an all time high.

But the boom has created problems with delays in building materials and a shortage of tradesmen.

And the delay in materials is extending the building time of a house by up to six months.

In the past two months Shepparton's building surveyor Mr Howard Terrill has issued permits for building worth more than $1 million.

For the past nine months the figure is well in excess of $4 million including 263 homes  worth $3 359 593.

In the same period last year the figure was just over $3 million and included 193 homes worth $1 987 450.

Mr Blair McKay of the City Council's engineering staff said today the latest building figures would be a record.

"In my 25 years here I cannot remember anything like it," he said.

One of the reasons for the high figure is the increased cost of houses.

Mr McKay said that previously homes were being built for about $10 000.

Now the figure was anything from $15 000 to $20 000.

Mr Brian Oldfield of Midland Housing Pty Ltd said the delays in building supplies was extending the building time of a home by four to six weeks. One of the worst delays was with bricks and this had been further aggravated by the recent brick workers' strike.

Mr Oldfield said his only tradesmen problem was a shortage of bricklayers.

Mr Alan Dainton of of STY (Shepparton) Pty Ltd said it was a battle trying to keep up supplies to builders.

He said the longest delays were on bricks and scantling timber. There was also some delays on steel deliveries. And uncertain deliveries meant that many tradesmen left the area.

"At present, many firms could not get sufficient carpenteres," Mr Dainton said.  

Friday July 13, 1973

Kangaroos, emus and koala bears will be roaming the forest area near Shepparton in the near future. A plan has now been prepared for development of a 200 acre flora and fauna reserve next to the Goulburn River, just west of the city.

Work on the project, estimated to cost $110 000 could start next summer. City Council has appointed a sub-committee to examine the proposal and make recommendations to council.

This comprises the chairman and deputy chairman of council’s parks and gardens, Crs Murray Slee and Bruce Wilson, Mayor Kevin Riordan and Cr Ed McKeon. Council has also arranged to hold a meeting with the other members of the committee for the reserve. They are Cliff Riley, Water Commission, Mr C Fleming, Forests Commission, and Jim Crosier, Fisheries and Wildlife Department.

The proposed plan of development has been prepared in co-operation with with the Fisheries and Wildlife Department. City Engineer Howard Terrill said the tentative plan was for a moat and a low fence to be put around the area and a section to be mounded as a refuge for animals in flood time.

He said a start on the project would be dependant on approval from the management committee. Council would then have to list the priorities. Mr Terrill said it had been suggested that at some stage a small caravan park could be set up in the area and perhaps a swing bridge across the Goulburn for access to to the Raymond West swimming pool.