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From the archives: Lights go on at aerodrome

By Shepparton News

June 4, 1973: Lights go on at aerodrome

The lighting of the runway at Shepparton aerodrome was a most important development for the Shepparton area, Bruce Lloyd Member for Murray, said yesterday.

Mr Lloyd officially switched the $12 000 lights on at 7 pm yesterday.

‘‘It was essential to have a modern, efficient all-weather aerodrome to serve the region,’’ Mr Lloyd said.

He said the lights would be a help with decentralisation and industry and would assist in the operation of the air ambulance and must help the tourist industry.

‘The lighting up of the ’drome is of tremendous importance to the people of Shepparton.’’

Mr Bruce Lloyd MHR presses the switch to light up the Shepparton Airport.

Mr Lloyd congratulated the three councils concerned — the shire of Rodney and Shepparton and Shepparton City Council — the aerodrome sub-committee and the members of the aero club.

The DCA has made provision for the installation of NDB at Shepparton in 1974, he said. This will enable IFR flights to use the aerodrome. Mr Lloyd was introduced by chairman of the aerodrome sub-committee, R. Trevaskis, who said the event was the culmination of many years work.

The official lighting up of the Shepparton aerodrome on was the culmination of many years of work, not only in the construction of an all-weather aerodrome but one which could be operated 24 hours a day.

This was stated by Cr Trevaskis, chairman of the aerodrome sub committee, which consists of representatives of the shires of Rodney and Shepparton and the Shepparton City Council.

Cr Trevaskis said the committee formed in 1963 was a great example of municipal co-operation. He pair tribute to those who purchased the land for the aerodrome and those who through all stages of its development worked in complete co-operation for something which was the best for the whole of the area.

Cr Trevaskis, in outlining events leading up to the lighting of the ’drome, congratulated the air charter operators and the Goulburn Valley Aero Club for the part they had played in the overall scheme. He also paid tribute to the Shire Engineer R Shellie, who had supervised the work carried out by the electricians, P T Bonnett Pty Ltd, under instructions from DCA officials.

June 4, 1973: RSL spends $65 000 on extensions

Work will commence this week on extensions to the Shepparton RSL Club, costing a total of $65 000.

The extensions will add more than 25 squares to the existing building and greatly add to the facilities.

The contract for the extensions has been let to R and L Collins of Shepparton. Cost of the extensions will be in the vicinity of $52 000, but furniture, carpeting and additional facilities to the club will add another $13 000 to the overall cost.

One of the main features of the new look will be provision of an extensive area for a ladies lounge, one of the facilities the club has been conscious of needing for some time.

This takes up the present foyers and the existing bar will be extended to provide an area for serving the ladies lounge. There will be a new secretary’s office on the extreme right of the new area together with a new committee room, entrance lobby and cloak room.

Included in the new design will be a kitchen with servery and other amenities. The contract calls for the completion of the work by September. Extensions will add to the comfort of the members and has been necessitated by an upsurge in membership and interest in the club.

The extensions will be on the north of the existing building and will be timber floors on concrete stumps with walls to match the existing structure.