From the archives: Skiing lessons

By Shepparton News

Water skiing lessons conducted by the Goulburn Valley Water Ski Club will be held on Lake Victoria throughout the summer.

The lessons, which will be on the first and third Sunday of each month, start this weekend.

Secretary of the club, Mr Graham Ison, said they proved such a success when held for the first time last year, it was unanimously agreed to hold them again.

Barefoot water skiing would be taught to those who wished to learn.

Mr Ison said ages of those learning to ski last year varied from five to 50.

‘‘Of the 100 people we gave lessons to last year, only one failed to get out of the water on two skies,’’ he said.

Lessons are only $1 each and start at 9.30am, continuing until about 12.30pm.

Through holding the lessons last year the club cleared a $300 debt.

All money made goes towards the development of the clubhouse.

Members are hoping to pay for the connection of power and sewerage.

Shepparton City Council has given the Goulburn Valley Water Ski Club permission to conduct the lessons.

Mr Ison said people wishing to learn to ski had only to turn up at the clubhouse on the day of the lessons.