Top price for high school ewes

By Daniel Hughes

A record price was achieved at last week's Finley sheep sale.

Finley High School presented the pen of ewes on Tuesday, which sold for $299 a head.

Auctioneer Nathan Everingham said they were the best sheep he's seen at the Finley sales.

“The reason these ewes had a record price was because of their weight, and they're pure breed Dorsets which means they have a high yield of meat.

“They were as good as I've ever sold. It's a sign of the season and a testament to the school's agriculture program.

“The school has its sheep on grain which helped in the feeding process. They did a good job in presentation on the day.”

Mr Everingham said the higher priced ewes usually average "between $250 and $270" at Finley.

The second highest price in Finley on Tuesday was a pen of Suffolk ewes for $291.

Mr Everingham hopes it is the start of a new upward trend.

“I hope this is a mark of the future for our sheep sales.

“It will depend on how export markets are with USA but we'd like to think the upward trend of sale prices can last.”