Along came Rona

By Daniel Hughes

A local competition to name Finley High School's new born calf has led to the bizarre and timely name, Rona.

Born on April 9, 2020, Rona was named in a culmination of 66 suggestions from a FHS Facebook post.

FHS agriculture teacher Robyn O’Leary said it was the perfect time to get the whole school community conversing together in isolation.

“Our (the school) Facebook is really well followed, we get lots of likes and comments on our ag posts so we thought in a time that's a bit bleak we thought to do something a bit exciting,” she said.

“We had about 60 comments about what her name could be and should be.

“We had quite a variety of names and we've got five or six more calves yet to be born this year, so we've got a bit of a head start on names now.”

“Rona was a great suggestion, we'll always remember when she was born,” agriculture teacher Gary Webb added.

The school is hoping the history of Rona's mother will bring in the same level of success.

“Her mother has been one of our best show cows for years now, she was donated by Peter Durant from Bunnaloo,” Mr Webb said.

“So hopefully the calf will be just as successful and she's pretty. She will keep the nice white on her, which we call roan, which makes her name even better.

“When you wash the cows for a show, the roan just sparkles and is very attractive.

“Come the Melbourne Show for next year that'll (the name) get a laugh in the ring.

“Hopefully we hear, ‘first place, Finley High School, Rona'.”