New Finley Sergeant

By Daniel Hughes

A new sergeant was recently appointed to the Finley Police Station.

Sgt Matthew Barham has turned away from the city life having served as a supervisor for a station in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for the last three years.

He is adjusting to his duties at a regional station, with having to make a longer commute and the number of calls received on a daily basis being the biggest things he has noticed.

“The volume of calls is quite different (to what I was used to),” he said.

“The actual number of calls is a lot less than Sydney though the types of calls that I have attended has been similar.

“I know I will come across some regional specific jobs but that hasn’t really happened yet.

“The other big difference is the distance between towns. I am doing more kilometres in one shift than I would have done in a month in Sydney.”

Having been here for only a short time he has begun to appreciate his new work environment but says there’s still a lot more to see.

“The town is very nice and I am slowly getting around to visiting different shops and seeing the entire town,” he said.

“I actually live in Deni because my wife is working there so I haven’t been able to see as much as I wanted.

“I just want to enjoy work, have a positive impact on the town and have a better work/life balance than I did when we were in Sydney.”

Sgt Barham started his career in Auburn, Sydney as a general duties officer within the proactive crime team before moving into the detectives’ office.

He has since climbed the ladder within the NSW police force to take up his post in Finley.

“I moved to state crime and worked in organised crime before being promoted to sergeant at Eastern Suburbs and working general duties again.

“I also worked in domestic violence during my time at Eastern Suburbs.

“I have really enjoyed working here so far.”