Students brace for HSC

By Daniel Hughes

Finley High School’s HSC students have started their final exams, with testing to continue through until November 11.

For immediate past Finley High School captain Riley Dempster (pictured), preparation for the exams and setting a routine has been a lot of hard work.

‘‘Once you get into a study pattern it’s a lot easier,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s just about trying to find your own motivation and not fall to the temptation of sleeping in.

‘‘I’m trying to get between five and six hours of study done a day.’’

While he sets himself a strict study schedule, Riley said it is also important to plan some ‘‘down time’’ each day.

‘‘I am trying to stick to the normal school timetable to keep me in the routine, and that means I can get a bit of me time each day because I clock off around 2.30pm or 3pm.

‘‘That gives me time to go to the gym or get out and about to take my mind off exams.

‘‘I’ve also been meeting up occasionally with other students (to study) to mix things up.

‘‘It’s a good way of bouncing ideas off one another and, of course, someone might not be as confident in certain areas where I might be and vice versa.

‘‘I’m not very strong in the sciences, so it’s good to get some help there when needed.’’

Finley High School principal Jeff Ward said he is confident each of his students will do well in the exams, and that each has a bright future ahead.

‘‘They’re a wonderful bunch of kids,’’ he said.

‘‘I know that no matter what path they choose to follow, they’ll do a great job at it.

‘‘I wish them all the best for the future and for the next few weeks as they sit down for their exams. It will be all over before they know it.’’