Finley showground gets security upgrade

By Daniel Hughes

The Lions Bob Close Pavilion at the Finley Showgrounds received a free security makeover just in time for the recent Finley Show.

The pavilion was supplied security from Middys Electrical which donated a ‘Dahua’ CCTV system and Top Security Albury, which donated the only Australian made alarm system, the ‘Ness’ alarm.

Gary Quirk of Top Security Albury grew up in Finley and returned to raise a family after joining the army in 1982.

Mr Quirk has been invested in Finley’s safety for a long time.

‘‘I have always believed in returning good things to something that has given you so much,’’ Mr Quirk said.

‘‘I return to Finley regularly to visit my mum in the nursing home.

‘‘The security was important for the ‘Lions den’ as they’ve had a break-in.

‘‘It is a great facility for functions and in this regard the security system has a couple of benefits.

‘‘Firstly, with the alarm and CCTV system you can set up the hall and have peace of mind it’s all safe.

‘‘And if there is a incident during a function the police have proof of what happened.’’While the Lions’ pavilion was the only recent upgrade of security at the grounds, other showground parties have since approached Mr Quirk regarding linking and updating their security.